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As a custom home builder in the Upstate for more than 12 years, we have built homes with clients that provided plans from various sources; architects and designers. We have built several homes designed by Campbell's Design Service. By far, Campbells Design Service provides the most workable plans from a builders perspective, and the most aesthetically pleasing from the clients. Richard and his office have a high degree of knowledge with construction. They not only recognize the need to meet the clients' design needs, but also the construction needs of the builder. From topographical site placement, to interior design components, Campbell's Design Service offer the best of the best for client and builder.

Ron Tolley
Golden Corner Construction, Inc.
Lane and Kathy Morgan
Cross Creek Plantation
Seneca, SC
When we began to consider building another home, we did the same thing so many others do. We started our collection of favorite house plans, made notes of the things we wanted incorporated into our home and then we started drawing our plans ourselves. It didn't take us long to realize that we needed help. That's where Campbell's Design Service came into the picture...good move!

We were very pleased with the help and the service we received from Campbell's Design Service. The atmosphere of the office is very pleasant and Sheila is always there with her smile to greet you. Richard is a very busy fellow and he tells you up front that you won't get your plans overnight. That was okay with us because we believe good things are worth the wait.

I suppose the single most important thing to us about using Campbell's Design Service was the fact they listen. They do not force their preferences on you or tell you what they think you need but instead they listen very intently and offer suggestions but are never pushy. I would think it is a very fine line to incorporate the needs and desires of a family building a home but at the same time not allow them to do things that may detract from their home. Richard was able to achieve this and I contribute this achievement to the fact he sincerely listened, put himself in our thoughts and took the time to fulfill all of our expectations.

When we reflect over the things leading up to the building of our home at Cross Creek, we consider Campbell's Design Service a very integral role in the outcome of our home.
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