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If you are wondering exactly what it is we do, this is the place for you. If you want to order a plan from us, please read through these simple questions and answers so that you will know exactly what we're going to send you, and what else you'll need before you can build your house.

What will I receive when I order a set of house plans?

 Our house plans include all necessary information to construct your house.  Each set of plans we sell will include:

  • Floor Plans: with all the walls located and dimensioned, as well as dimensioned and sized windows, doors, and stairs.
  • Elevations: views of the front, rear, left, and right of your house, including materials.
  • Roof Plan: shows the basic construction of the roof including slopes, and is a guide to your builder while framing the roof.
  • Foundation Plan or Basement Plan: this plan details the layout and construction of the foundation.  Many of our plans include a walk-out basement  opening to the rear or side of the house.  Depending on your land you may want this option, or a slab foundation or crawl space.  If you find a plan that you like but want to change the type of foundation or basement, we would be happy to help.
  • If needed, our plans include wall sections, details, or elevations for situations that are out of the ordinary or that may not be understood from the other drawings.

We will send you a single reproducible copy of these plans on translucent bond paper.  You can make minor changes on these and copy them for bidding and construction.  Our plans come with a license to make unlimited copies for you and your builder’s use.  We can provide photocopies on standard bond paper for a charge of $50 each.  However, this is NOT a license to build your house more than once without our permission.


How long before I receive my plans?

In most cases, we will print and ship your order within 48 hours of receiving it.  Shipping charges for 2-day shipping are included in the cost of your plans.  You should receive your plans within 3-4 business days.  Occasionally, our office will be closed for vacation days and holidays, and there will be a small delay before your plan is printed and sent.

If you order modifications to your plans, the time will vary depending on the complexity.  Mirrored plans  and small modifications will add a day or two, as will electrical plans.

If you want more extensive changes to your plans, the time will vary depending on our current work schedule.  You should call us to set up a conference about the changes that you want, and we will create a custom house plan for you based on those changes.  We can give you a quote over the phone of our drafting rates.


Will the plans I order contain everything I’ll need to obtain a building permit?

No.  You will also need a site plan locating your house on the land, which your builder should be able to help you obtain.  You may also need a septic plan, unless you will be connecting to a sewer system.  Local building codes may require plans to be engineered before they are approved, usually in areas that are prone to natural disaster, such as California or the Gulf Coast.  Some areas also have certain energy efficiency standards, which can be satisfied by submitting a form that demonstrates fulfillment. 

All of our plans come with a disclaimer, which reads: “Designer of these plans does not provide or take any responsibility for any structural design or detail. The contractor of the home shall assume responsibility for all dimensions, structural details, and conditions on the site.”  Basically, this means that our plans are not structurally engineered.  Some local building codes require that your drawings have an engineer’s stamp before you will be able to obtain a building permit. We design houses for the Upstate of South Carolina, so if you are not building in this area some minor changes may need to be made so that the plan meets code in your area. Check with your building department to find out requirements.


What if I want to change something on these plans?

We would be happy to make any changes you need.  This includes, but certainly is not limited to, changing the exterior materials, the thickness of the walls, the orientation of the garage, the type of foundation plan (crawl space, concrete slab on grade, or walk-out basement, for example), and changing the layout and sizes of the rooms.

We charge for changes by the drafting hour. Keep in mind that unless the changes you want are extensive, we already have these plans on hand and minor changes will not add much to your overall cost.  If you want more extensive changes, we recommend setting up a meeting and talking with us about what you want. Please call us for quotes.


Can I buy a mirror-reverse plan?

Mirrored plans are the reverse image of what you see on our website.  We can make a set of mirrored plans for you at a flat fee of $50.  You will receive a set of “right reading” plans, which means that all the text and dimensions on the mirrored plan are rotated to read correctly.


What are CAD files?  Can I order them?

“AutoCAD™” files are full plans in electronic file format, and we sell CAD files for all of our listed plans.  You should order these if you have significant changes to the plan and have a local professional who can execute those changes.  CAD files come with a copyright release allowing you to make changes to the plans as well as reproduce the copyrighted plans.


How many copies of my plans will I need?

Every situation is different, but most people will find that 5-8 copies of the plans will meet their needs.  Generally, besides a copy for yourself, you will need one each for the contractor, the subcontractors, the mortgage lender, and the local building department.


How do you calculate square footage?  Why can’t I add up the square feet for the individual rooms?

Square footage is generally measured from the outside of the exterior stud walls, not including porches, garage, attic, unfinished basement, or bonus room.  Two story and vaulted rooms and stairways are counted once, while second-story balconies and walkways in two story rooms are counted in the second story square footage.  A rule of thumb: if the room will be heated and cooled then it counts toward total square footage.  You cannot add up the dimensions for each room and estimate square footage because those dimensions do not include the thickness of walls and the additional square footage for hallways, closets and bathrooms.


What if I change my mind? Can I return plans and get a refund?

No.  Because illegal blueprints can be made, we cannot give you a refund once the plans have been released to you.  You must be sure of your order before placing it.  You must also be VERY sure of the dimensions of the lot you will be building on.

If you change your mind or find a problem before we send the plans, we can cancel your order and refund your money.


What is your privacy policy?  Is my credit card secure?

We will never give or sell your information to a third party without your express permission.

All online orders are handled through Paypal, a secure online payment processing company.  Paypal will verify and charge your credit card, and your order is then sent to us without your credit card number.  No one will ever see your credit card information, and it will never be stored in our database.


Do your plans give all the needed information for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems?

Because our plans are not necessarily designed for your local codes, we do not provide extensive HVAC and plumbing information.  The design of these systems will depend both on the local requirements and your personal preferences, and should be discussed with your builder or subcontractors.

Electrical plans (suggested fixtures and switch locations) can be included at your request, for an additional charge of $75.


What does “walk-out basement” mean?

Some lots are sloped so that doors and larger windows can be placed on one wall or another of the basement.  Sometimes basements like these are finished, with extra bedrooms and baths, an office, a rec. room and mini bar or kitchenette.


Do you have photos of houses built with these plans?

Any photos of our plans are included with the plan’s images.  We are constantly updating our plans and the information included with them, so check back often.  (Please note: the photos online may be different from the plans for sale, depending on changes made by the owner or builder.)


Are your home plans copyrighted?

Yes.  All images and plans on this website are copyrighted and the exclusive property of Campbell's Design Service.  One house may be constructed from a set of plans bought from Campbell's Design Service.  Our plans may not be resold.


Is a blueprint license transferable if I decided not to build the house?

No.  The plans are licensed to the purchaser’s name when a set of plans is ordered, and they are not transferable for any reason.


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